The Flow Mission

To provide quality state of the art water storage solutions to businesses and communities throughout Central Texas with top notch customer service.

FLOW wants to help you find the absolute best water storage solution to fit your needs and your budget. We network with some of the most qualified specialists in the industry to insure you are getting what you pay for and walking with you every step of the process.

Who is Flow Rainwater LLC?

Brian Bailey, a seasoned salesmen of over 40 years, jumped on board with local 15 year contractor Tim Nicolls after meeting at a business networking group in San Marcos in 2017.   They share a passion for networking and relationships making them a go-to team in the modern rainwater community where quality communication and professional customer service makes for a smooth operation.

They are out to make a difference by educating on the advantages and disadvantages of well systems vs rainwater systems and looking to bring you the best water solution for your dollar.  



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